Missionary Sisters of the Queen of the Apostles


The Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Queen of the Apostles, also widely known as SRA- Congregatio Missionalis Sororum Reginae Apostolorum was founded by Fr. Antonius Maria Bodewig , a German Jesuit missionary who whilst on a mission in Pune, felt the impulse to dedicate his life and found a large missionary society for the evangelization of India. After long years of prayer, discernment he left the Society of Jesus and returned to Cologne where he laid foundation for the missionary Society of the Immaculate Conception. He faced many oppositions and difficulties and like a grain of wheat he underwent the loss of life to find new life. His followers held on to his vision and charism and courageously continued his efforts to revive the missionary society and finally on 1st July 1923, the Societas Missionalis Sororum Reginae Apostolorum, SRA was canonically approved.

SRA charism is the direct proclamation of the compassionate love of God with burning zeal, to people and groups, where the message Christ is not yet known or insufficiently known and in doing so they identify themselves through enculturation and dialogue with the people among whom they work, especially those who suffer want and live in need. Through various ministries – proclamation of the Word of God, pastoral ministry, education, developmental work, Healing and health ministry, the SRA reaches out to the people irrespective of caste, creed and race across seven countries- Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, India, Philippines and Uganda.