Society of the Helpers of Mary


The sisters of the ‘Society of the Helpers of Mary’ have consecrated their lives to testify the abundance of life in Jesus Christ, though their works of empowering the powerless and voiceless, especially women and children. The Society was founded by Mother Anna Huberta Roggendorf whose spiritual calling to serve the poor brought her to St Joseph, Bandra in India in the year 1932. Inspired by her vision, nine young women joined Mother Anna Huberta in her noble work and dedicated their entire life to the service of the poor. Mother Anna Huberta called them ‘Helpers of Mary’. They lived a life of simplicity in the midst of the poor and shared in their needs and sufferings.

The Society established its presence in Vakola through their community service called Prem Seva which was started in 1972. Ever since the sisters have been involved in empowering the lower strata of our parish through social, pastoral and economical developmental thereby giving direction, purpose and meaning to their lives.

The sisters work tirelessly to provide vocational trainings such as tailoring, computers and home science for young girls and women from poor families. This helps them fetch a decent earning and build self-confidence. The sisters also actively help in the spiritual and academic development of young children by managing play schools, providing tuitions and teaching catechism. They encourage the children to discover their talents through service to the church by joining the church choirs and helping in church activities.  The sisters also provide social services to the poorer areas in the parish through mobilization and action on various issues concerning women, children, differently abled and senior citizens. Apart from giving legal assistance to the needy, they also give counseling and in some cases financial assistance and distribute ration to those in need. Our sisters are truly driven by their zeal for the Lord and this zeal is manifested through their works of kindness with the sole purpose of making this parish of St Anthony’s church, a better place.