Cells & Associations

Cantors & Choirs


The parish cantors and choirs comprise a rich blend of talented individuals across age and culture but united by a common mission to glorify the Lord through melodious prayer. This vibrant association specializes in the finest liturgical music in keeping with the varying linguistic and cultural needs of the parish. It comprises the children’s choir (Sunday, 9am mass), two youth choirs (Sat, 7pm and Sun, 10.15am & 5 pm mass), and the konkani choir (Sunday, 6:30 pm mass).  In addition, the choirs also support and enhance the liturgy through solemn music during the Lenten and Christmas services which are usually held on the church grounds. They are driven by a profound conviction that through earnest praise & worship, they help the congregation encounter the Holy God. For those who aspire to join this association, the only prerequisite is to have a mind of openness and the ‘zeal’ to praise God

Priest-in-charge: Fr. Jude Ferreira
Lay Coordinators: Amantia D’souza – 8879083305/ Rohan Rodrigues – 9819539513
Rehersals: Third Thursday of the month, in church at 7:30 pm

Sunday School

‘To engage enrich and empower young minds towards building their faith and strengthening them, making an attempt to go digital and make Faith attractive in today’s world.

‘The words of the scipture form the basis of our Sunday School teachings. With a focus to transform (not just to inform) a dedicated team of catechists work hard to impart spiritual knowledge to the children and youth of the parish. The curriculum adopts a unique style of integrating the word of God with daily life so as to nurture not just good christians but desciples for Christ.The Sunday school is available for children of varying ages, starting with the elementary stage for first holy communicants right up till confirmation.


Lay Coordinators: Sarah Joseph- 9820454774 / Amantia D’souza – 8879083305

Christian Life Community


Lay Coordinators: Gloria Rebello – 9769590036/ Loraine Cabral – 98194485108
Meetings: Thursdays, in the AV room at 6 pm


A team of dedicated orators strive zealously to proclaim the word of God through the scriptures during Holy mass. Their mission is to help the congregation reflect on the holy gospel and live by its teachings. In addition they also lead our congregation through prayer and petition for personal and community intentions.

Priest-in-charge: Fr. Jude Ferreira
Lay Coordinators: William D’souza (Konkani) – 9892536714/ Cynthia Miranda (English) – 9820691609
Meetings: First Wednesday of the month, in church at 7:30 pm

Parish Youth Council

Empowering youth to seek their vocation in life and being agents of transformation in today’s world, the Parish Youth Council are an energetic group of young minds who get set to take the world by storm. Organizing Faith experiences, Fun activities and events, the youth here are busy writing history for our parish.

Lay Coordinators: Allan Abraham- 9930876470
Meetings: Last Sunday of the month after the 10.15am mass

Secular Francesian Order


Priest-in-charge: Fr. Terence
Lay Coordinators: Lethieia Fernandes – 2226674480/ Jannet Gonsalves – 9833020355
Meetings: Second Sunday of the month, in the classroom next to the sacristy at 5 pm

Senior Citizens

Objective: To engage the senior citizen of the parish through prayer and fellowship

Priest-in-charge: Fr. Felix
Lay Coordinators: Douglas Lobo – __________/ Donald Tally –
Meetings: Second Thursday of the month, in the classroom next to the sacristy at 5 pm

St. Vincent De Paul


Priest-in-charge: Fr. ______
Lay Coordinators: ______
Meetings: _____


Driven by a zeal to create a condusive enviroment for the Eucharistic celebration, this dynamic team of individuals ensure theres room for all at the table of grace. Right from welcoming the congreation to finding available seats for the needy, from maintaining decorum during holy communion to managing the logistic requirements of the liturgy, our team of usher leave no stone unturned to ensure a comfortable and enriching eucharistic experience.

Priest-in-charge: Fr. ______
Lay Coordinators: ______
Meetings: _____

Ministers of Holy Eucharist

Objective: To assist the pastoral team in administering the holy Eucharist to the needy

Priest-in-charge: Fr. ______
Lay Coordinators: ______
Meetings: _____

Alter Servers
Communication Cell

Objective: To communicate the liturgical and social events in the parish
The aim of the PCC is to create Visibility ie whatever we proclaim must be pronounced; Image building- relating to society; Connectivity- connecting to 3500 famillies of our parish. We intend to provide news and information about our parish, happenings of parish associations, Small Christian communities’ updates and reports as well as news and happenings in the diocesan and universal levels. We will also attempt to share Church Doctrine and Sacred Scripture and Support & strengthen our prayer life and Christian way of living, Parish announcements / reminders for feast days / events / meetings, Creation of archive of Parish History and important information.
Priest-in-charge: Fr. Felix D’souza
Lay Coordinators: Sarah Joseph- 9820454774; Maxim Fernandes- 9820497641
Meetings: _____

Family Cell
Small Christian Communities
Bombay Catholic Sabha
Bible Cell
Charismatic Prayer group